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Video Introduction and demo of Hazelcast: Talip Ozturk, Founder and CEO

by Miko Matsumura

Here’s a video of Hazelcast CEO Talip Ozturk presenting at Jax London. This is a talk for new Java developers who want to understand Hazelcast. Also, if you want to learn how to run a Hazelcast demo from the command line, check this out. Talip will be covering the following topics: Introducing Hazelcast Demo of […]

Announcing: In-Memory MapReduce API

by Miko Matsumura

Leading Open Source In-Memory Data Grid Gains Key Capability for Processing Big DataFor immediate release: Santa Clara, CA – At the Strata conference, Hazelcast (https://hazelcast.com) the maker of the leading open source in-memory data grid, announces availability of the new Hazelcast MapReduce API.In-Memory MapReduce can be up hundreds of times faster than running it on […]

Hazelcast Use Cases

by Miko Matsumura

Hazelcast is the leading open source in-memory data grid. For the vanguard of distributed computing, we often get lots of enthusiastic kudos like the following: Using #hazelcast in your software project is like throwing brains at zombies: It solves your problems and even may save your life — Donnerbart (@Donnerbart) October 13, 2013 Yeah! I […]

Scaling Applications with Hazelcast: WSO2

by Miko Matsumura

Today we are proud to announce that WSO2 have embedded Hazelcast in their Carbon Framework product as well as their SOA Governance Registry Repository product for High Availability, Scalability and Performance. First and foremost, I want to appreciate the WSO2 engineering team They are absolutely among the top notch of developers in the Web Services […]

Hazelcast Developer Resources

by Miko Matsumura

Hi Everyone, There are a lot of Hazelcast Developer Resources that just havent been put in one place, so I’m going to list some now. First of all there’s the Hazelcast book… this one is great for people who are getting started (obviously I guess)   Another important resource is the Google Group. People sometimes […]

Hazelcast Announces $2.5 Million in Series A Funding to Commoditize In-Memory Computing.

by Miko Matsumura

Open Source experts including Rod Johnson from VMware and SpringSource Join Board of Directors. PALO ALTO, September 20, 2013 — Hazelcast (https://hazelcast.com), provider of open source in-memory data grid software, today announced the completion of a $2.5 million Series A round of funding. New investors include Bain Capital, who led the round with existing Angel […]

Gartner Selected Hazelcast as a “Cool Vendor”

by Miko Matsumura

Each year, Gartner, leading industry analyst firm, selects the cool vendors in key technology areas and creates a report by evaluating the innovative vendors. We are honored to be selected as a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner in the Application and Integration Platforms for the year 2012. This confirms what we have been hearing from the […]

Hazelcast 2.0 Released: Big Data In-Memory

by Miko Matsumura

With 2.0 release, Hazelcast is ready for caching/sharing terabytes of data in-memory. Storing terabytes of data in-memory is not a problem but avoiding GC and being resilient to crashes are big challenges. Among several others, there are two major features added to tackle these challenges. Elastic Memory (off-heap storage) and Distributed Backups. 1. Elastic Memory […]

Hazelcast 2.0 is coming! What is new?

by Miko Matsumura

Hazelcast 2.0 is a huge step forward in building the best IMDG and making Hazelcast experience even more pleasant. As always this release contains many fixes, enhancements and improvements. But there are different reasons that make 2.0 very special. We have many big changes in the internals of Hazelcast. Many of these changes are made […]


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