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How to Deploy Hazelcast Jet – Part II on Docker with Docker Compose

by Emin Demirci

In the first part of the Deploying Hazelcast Jet series, we walk through how to install and deploy Hazelcast Jet on a bare metal machine which leverages a lot of manual steps. Today, we’ll take one more step towards a more modern deployment methodology. We will use Docker containers to show how you can create […]

Deploying Hazelcast Jet

by Emin Demirci

Deploying Hazelcast Jet This guide provides a basic introduction for deploying and operating a successful Hazelcast Jet installation. We plan to make this guide the first in a series of posts about deploying Hazelcast Jet. This will be a near bare metal installation, with most of the work done manually. Gradually, we will introduce how […]

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