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Andrey Pechkurov

Senior Software Engineer

Andrey's been involved in design and development of various web apps and systems for many years and always enjoyed it. Came a long road from a greenhorn junior developer in a small product team to a solution architect in a large company. Some time ago joined Hazelcast engineering team and started working on the company's products, including Node.js client library. Apart from that, Andrey is a part of the Node.js core collaborators team, constantly learns new stuff from others and shares his experience with the community.

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Our Journey to a High-Performance Node.js Library

by Andrey Pechkurov

As you may already know, the Hazelcast In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) ecosystem includes a variety of clients for different languages and runtimes, which includes Node.js client library as a part of that list. You can use Hazelcast clients in various cases, including, but not limited to the following: Building a multi-layer cache for your applications […]

Hazelcast Node.js Client 4.0 is Released

by Andrey Pechkurov

Hazelcast Node.js client 4.0 is now available! Let’s see what are the main changes in this new release. Hazelcast Client Protocol 2.0 Node.js client now uses Hazelcast Open Binary Client Protocol 2.0, which has a number of enhancements and serialization improvements when compared with 1.x. For the end-user, it means that the client now supports […]


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