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5 Must-Read Articles on 2019 Predictions, IBM Cloud Private and Digital Transformation

January 11, 2019
5 Must-Read Articles on 2019 Predictions, IBM Cloud Private and Digital Transformation

Each month the Hazelcast team writes and curates articles to help executives, architects and developers stay up-to-date on the latest news and information. With that in mind, here are five “must-reads” as determined by their popularity on social media.


What’s Up with 2019? Big Data Predictions

Datanami’s Alex Woodie spoke with a number of data science experts for their predictions of what 2019 will bring in the world of big data.

Hazelcast Accelerates IBM Cloud Private

By deploying Hazelcast on IBM Cloud Private delivers cloud-native applications with industry leading in-memory performance, scalability and resilience all from the safety of a corporate firewall-protected data center.

Cloud Trends 2019: 5 for IT Leaders to Watch

Multi-cloud became mainstream in 2018, so 2019 is set for another big year when it comes to all things cloud. The Enterprisers Project discusses the trends to watch for in 2019 – from continued Kubernetes adoption to cloud data management.

Digital Transformation Predictions for 2019

Keeping with the theme of 2019 predictions, Hazelcast CEO Kelly Herrell and several CIO experts discuss the digital transformation trends they expect to see this year.

Digital Strategy Now in Place, CIOs Focus on Execution

The Wall Street Journal’s Steve Rosenbush surveyed 10 CIOs on their 2019 priorities and found a common focus on executing the recently established digital strategies and models.


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About the Author

About the Author

Matt Wolpin

Matt Wolpin

Head of Communications

Matt’s passion is translating complex topics into simple stories for the business world. He’s had more than 13 years of experience doing just that with companies large and small, including Juniper Networks, Brocade Communications, Vyatta, and Ampro Computers. Additionally, Matt has chaired the marketing workgroup for the OpenDaylight Project, leading its marketing strategy and a cross-industry team to advance its messages, introduce code releases and advance community outreach through user-focused events. Matt believes the best roads are made of dirt and traveled on a mountain bike. He’s also a dedicated Seahawks fan who can’t quite be convinced to transfer his Bay Area loyalties from the San Francisco Giants and San Jose Sharks.

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