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At Hazelcast we deliver simplicity. We work hard to provide the world’s simplest and most powerful open source in-memory data grid that is used by thousands of developers and organizations across the world.

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What’s it like at Hazelcast?

One of our newer people, Peter wrote this email, and we think it captures the feeling of working at Hazelcast. Because of this, we decided to share it with anyone who is thinking of joining us.

Subject: Working At Hazelcast
From: Peter Veentjer <>

Working for Hazelcast really is a dream coming true.

My interest is everything concurrent and distributed and well.. there is no shortage of technical challenges at Hazelcast.

There is a lot of knowledge within the Hazelcast company, but the guys are very modest. They are also extremely friendly and helpful and it is great to be able to learn from the experts.

One of the cool things is that there is a lot of freedom as long as you find good solutions. So you are not being bossed around, but expected to make your own choices and to take responsibility. It doesn’t matter if you are just an engineer or the chief architect, since discussion are done based on technical arguments and not on titles. If you see something that needs improvement e.g. code, architecture, process etc the main question will be why you haven’t picked it up yet.

Another cool thing is that Hazelcast has a very active community; so you are making software that is being used by developers and companies. It could be that your code change makes somebodies day; so the work is very rewarding.

Also on the commercial side there is a lot of activity. Although commerce might sound like a dirty word on Open Source projects, without paying customers Hazelcast could not exist. What I find a huge delight is that our sales/marketing guys are very much into tune with the technical guys and the other way around. Even though we have completely different skill-sets, it really feels like a team working towards a common goal.

Of course, the bills also need to be payed and Hazelcast takes care of its people. So working for an Open Source project doesn’t mean that you need to give up your normal life.

I work remote, which makes me much more effective since I don’t need to commute daily and I’m normally up and running in 5 minutes after I wake up (it takes a few minutes to make coffee). From time to time I travel to the office in Istanbul, or the headquarters in the states, to conferences or to customers needing support. This is quite nice since you are able to see the world.

So if you want to have a dream job, make sure you give your best and it could be that you will be the next person writing such an email 🙂