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ETL and Data Ingestion

ETL is an acronym for “extract, transform, load.” Extract refers to collecting data from some source. Transform refers to any processes performed on that data. Load refers to sending the processed data to a destination, such as a database. ETL is a data processing concept dating back to the 1970s, but it remains important today because it is one of the most dominant frameworks for providing people and applications with data. Engineering and product teams load and preprocess data from a variety of sources to a number of destinations with ETL techniques and software.

Real-Time Stream Processing

Hazelcast Jet provides all the necessary tools to build a real-time stream processing application. It is a powerful processing framework for querying data streams on top of an elastic in-memory storage system, where the process may ultimately store its results.

Redis Replacement

Redis is good for simple data caching use cases, but in the real world you will want more than simple caching from your in-memory computing platform. When you’ve hit a wall at scaling Redis or struggled to work around its security issues, it’s time to turn to Hazelcast.

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Financial Market Data

Hazelcast IMDG meets the speed, security, and governance requirements of the most demanding financial institutions in the world.

Fraud Detection

Fraud has grown to epidemic proportions as our digital lives become increasingly interconnected, dependent, and exploitable. In-memory solutions such as Hazelcast IMDG and Jet enable real-time fraud detection or fraud detection machine learning at speeds and scale that drive security enablement to a new level.

Hibernate Second-Level Cache

Hazelcast smoothly integrates with Hibernate 3 and Hibernate 4, providing distributed caching support based on Hazelcast IMap technology. Features like scalability, in-memory backups, and automatic eviction are fundamentals of the Hazelcast architecture. Hazelcast brings those features to the Hibernate world.

In-Memory Data Grid

In today's high-speed, time-is-money world, Hazelcast IMDG moves the needle where it matters most; speed that opens up new opportunities for innovation across your organization, scalability and elasticity that always keeps you at the optimal execution point, stability driven by distributed deployments that execute in parallel, and deeply integrated security capabilities to minimize disruption to your users and customers.

In-Memory NoSQL

Hazelcast enables you to leverage the flexibility and performance of NoSQL data stores such as key-value and document databases with the added benefits of a distributed, horizontally scalable system that runs entirely in memory for blazing-fast performance.


Hazelcast In-Memory solutions provide the speed and dexterity needed in today's high-performance engineering environments, from development to manufacturing to logistical support. Innovate with Hazelcast.

In-Memory Stream Processing

Embed stream processing into your enterprise applications with Hazelcast to immediately process and respond to data.

Internet of Things

In a world where billions of devices are constantly streaming data into your IT systems, Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform is the ideal solution for managing your IoT ecosystem.

JCache Provider

Hazelcast enables organizations to seamlessly integrate with JCache. These operations can help to scale out applications and manage their high-speed access to their frequently used data. Hazelcast smoothly achieves its caching potential with a 100 percent compliant implementation that transparently registers with the JCache subsystem.