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Apache Cassandra Replacement

Apache Cassandra is a popular NoSQL solution supported by the provider Datastax. According to a recent independent benchmark, Hazelcast is ten times faster than Cassandra on reads and faster also on writes, making Hazelcast an excellent Apache Cassandra Replacement. See below for details.

Cassandra is often used for:

  • Real-time online applications
  • High-volume data
  • Big Data
  • Search applications

Cassandra is often chosen because:

  • Apache open source license
  • High-availability, scalability and no single-point-of-failure
  • High write throughput and good read throughput
  • SQL-like query language
  • Flexible schema, developer friendly
  • Robust open source community
  • Professional support available (from Datastax)

Enterprises demand proven high-performance transactional systems that can scale out elastically, and provide concurrency across distributed application nodes.

However, increasingly developers are evaluating Cassandra vs. Hazelcast, because it has every single feature cited above but independent benchmarks show even high performance than Cassandra, for both reads and writes. 

Hazelcast is Ten Times Faster Than Cassandra

For all of the evaluation criteria above, Hazelcast matches Apache Cassandra. Hazelcast is available under the same Apache open source license as Cassandra, and provides the same type of capabilities. 

If performance is a consideration in your evaluation, independent benchmarks show Hazelcast to be faster in both reads and writes.

This benchmark was developed independently by Matt Pouttu-Clark and is published on his blog.

This independent benchmark shows one billion vertex computations in the Titan graph database operating across 10 Amazon EC2 nodes. 

Hazelcast showed one order of magnitude increase in performance on reads and outperformed Cassandra on writes.

Hazelcast also performed well against Cassandra in another independent benchmark by Quantschool, available for download on the Hazelcast web site.

Hazelcast is the Up-and-coming NoSQL Solution

2014 JRebel labs research on NoSQL users shows Hazelcast rapidly climbing the ranks of NoSQL solutions among real developers (normalized to exclude non-users), now trailing only MongoDB, Apache Cassandra and Redis and beating all others including Riak, Memcached and a dozen others.

We encourage evaluators to try both solutions and see which one fits the best.