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Businesses use different types of programs and tactics to drive customer loyalty. One of the most powerful programs businesses use are rewards programs, but every customer facing application can impact a customer’s perception of your brand. So any poor user experience from within the rewards platform or within any customer facing application can mean a reduction in customer loyalty, which over time will have a negative impact on customer retention.

Some items that can adversely impact customer experiences within an application are:

  • Poor response times
  • Inability to provide comprehensive information/data within the application
  • Application and session failures/outages
  • Lack of personalization within the application experience
  • Lack of timely data within the application

Hazelcast IMDG® is an ideal solution to solve many of the issues causing poor user experience. Hazelcast IMDG is a highly available, elastically scalable, in-memory data grid. Because Hazelcast IMDG stores everything in memory, systems can be built to handle transaction rates in the billions per second, query times in the low microseconds and data storage in the terabytes range. Hazelcast IMDG can also drop seamlessly into existing customer facing application architectures, using its extensive range of client libraries (Java, C++, C#/.NET, Python, Scala, Node.js, Go) and its ability to integrate with many existing data stores such as Relational and NoSQL databases or even REST API services.

Why Most Data Stores Fall Short…

Why Hazelcast IMDG is Ideal…

Most data stores are complex and costly to scale according to demand. Many data stores cannot be installed to scale without operator intervention, this is an essential feature for systems that wish to operate cost effectively within on-demand cloud environments. Scaling a solution built on Hazelcast® is as easy as starting an extra process. Hazelcast takes care of the rest, distributing data and tasks fairly, while the system is still running.
Most other data stores manage the bulk of their data on disk, storing only a small amount of data in memory. This impacts transaction response times. Hazelcast IMDG can store terabytes of data in memory to provide microsecond latencies while performing hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.
Other data stores will often require additional software, often from other vendors, to provide a highly available, multi-data center solution. Hazelcast IMDG includes all the features required to scale, not just locally but also across multiple data centers, while maintaining data coherence.
For real-time analytics on large volumes of data, NoSQL and RDBMS solutions suffer from latency issues, as both may store only a subset of data. As a fully in-memory data store, Hazelcast IMDG can transform and ingest data in microseconds, providing throughput and query.
Most NoSQL architectures have single processes for writes and other processes for backups. Worse still, during times of failure for these write process, the system will block further updates until a new write process is elected. This means blocking writes on the entire data set. Introducing sharding to solve these issues results in highly complex topologies. Every process in a Hazelcast cluster is responsible for handling a portion of main data and backups, there is no single master in a Hazelcast cluster. Meaning that processes can be dropped without blocking writes to entire data sets.
Traditional relational databases or legacy mainframe systems are inadequate solutions for today’s digital world that requires agility and innovation. Hazelcast IMDG is the leading and fastest open source in-memory data grid that provides an excellent operational experience for systems requiring maximum uptime. Hazelcast IMDG can serve as the backbone of a Microservices architecture. It is lightweight, easy to use, and simple to deploy. One of Hazelcast IMDG’s strengths for Microservices is its support for multiple network discovery mechanisms. In addition, Hazelcast has clients for several programming languages and provides out-of the-box support for a wide variety of serialization mechanisms and the ability to plug in your own.

Customer Success Story

One of the largest financial services companies chose Hazelcast to improve their rewards program. The financial services company needed a faster and more sophisticated solution to process the ever growing number of transactions and appropriately credit customers using ever more sophisticated rules and promotions for members enrolled in their rewards program. By using Hazelcast IMDG, the financial institution was able to deliver a solution that was fast and scalable, and also easy to use by their developers.

The financial services company also wanted to deliver a unique personalized experience to their members who accessed their reward portal, so they turned to Hazelcast to assist. Hazelcast was able to cache data in memory in front of their database and integrate 3rd party data while running their analytic targeting models within Hazelcast. With Hazelcast IMDG, they were able to analyze more data in a shorter amount of time, so they could deliver a more targeted and personalized experience to their customers while reducing application response times.

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