Extreme Network Performance with Hazelcast on Torusware
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Extreme Network Performance with Hazelcast on Torusware

60 minutes
Recorded November 4, 2014

In this webinar

How can you get:

  • Extreme Database Performance
  • Extreme In-Memory Transaction Processing
  • Extreme Messaging Throughput

Without throwing money at expensive Infiniband, Exadata or Exalogic Elastic Cloud hardware?

In-Memory Data Grid is a proven way to get Elastically Scalable In-Memory compute performance, and unlike Oracle Coherence and other solutions, Hazelcast is able to achieve extreme scale performance on standard (COTS) commodity scale-out hardware and JVMs, without resorting to custom protocols and proprietary hardware such as Exadata. Hazelcast can achieve significant performance boosts by using Torusware, the high-speed middleware by TORUS Software Solutions, a true plug & play product which implements multiple optimizations (optimized NIO sockets epoll, TCP/IP bypass, 10/40 Gbps ROCE, InfiniBand plus RDMA native support). Thus, Torusware improves Hazelcast extreme scalability by running on standard hardware with virtually zero communication overhead.

We’ll cover these topics:

  • How Hazelcast and Torusware are 100% compatible
  • An overview of performance results of Hazelcast+Torusware
  • How Torusware helps Hazelcast to take full advantage of the underlying infrastructure
  • Live Q&A


Guillermo Lopez Taboada, CEO and Co-founder at TORUS


Guillermo Lopez Taboada, CEO and Co-founder at TORUS

  • Inventor of Torus Technology, fast communications on low latency networks and servers.
  • 12 years experience in HPC and Big Data within academia and now at TORUS working in projects for Hewlett-Packard, Amazon WS, NASA, ESA, and the financial, telco and IT industries.
  • PhD and BS in Computer Science

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