What’s New in Hazelcast IMDG 3.12


The Hazelcast IMDG® 3.12 release provides major new enhancements for Open Source users, it’s no exaggeration to say this is the biggest release we’ve ever made to the Open Source community. Hazelcast IMDG® 3.12 now provides a new level of consistency with the inclusion of our CP Subsystem based on the RAFT protocol.  There is also support for JSON types within Hazelcast across all clients, Java, .Net, C++, NodeJS, Python and Go. Plus many more new features listed below.

In This Webinar

Please join us in hearing from David Brimley, VP of Hazelcast® Product Management, as he takes us through the many improvements. David will provide an overview of the following new features:

Presented By:

David Brimley
David Brimley
Product Management Consultant

David has traveled the world, helping people make sense of in-memory data grids. With 30 years in the IT industry, he began his career as a Cobol programmer before moving into investment banking IT as a Java developer and architect. During this time, David developed a deep interest in distributed systems research, focusing on consensus and reliability. He has deep expertise in server-side Java, developing highly concurrent, high-throughput systems. Throughout his career, he has programmed and architected business-critical trading systems using technologies such as Oracle Coherence, Pivotal Gemfire and Hazelcast. In addition to being a Hazelcast blog contributor, David provides IMDG technology insight through his own blog at