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What’s New in Hazelcast IMDG 3.11


The Hazelcast IMDG® 3.11 release has been a significant community-driven effort. With Hazelcast IMDG 3.11, we are ensuring all code will be functional, with the language features and ecosystem improvements introduced in Java 9, 10 and 11. 

In This Webinar

Please join us in hearing from Jaromir Hamala, head of Hazelcast® Engineering, as he takes us through the many improvements included in the Hazelcast IMDG® 3.11 release that the community has been asking for.

Jaromir will provide an overview of new features:

  • Index Statistics
  • Exponential Back-off on Client Retry Strategy
  • Untrusted Deserialization Protection
  • WAN Replication Sync Using Merkle Trees (Enterprise only)
  • Introducing LOADED Event
  • Ability to Set TTL for Map and Cache Entries
  • IMap: Max Idle Timeout per Entry
  • New I/O system
  • JCache – Remove Expired Entries

Presented By:

Jaromir Hamala
Director of Engineering

I’m a developer at Hazelcast®. I wrote my first line of code when I was 7 years old. Since than I was always interested in “How this system works under the hood?” I like pushing systems towards limits, brushing my skills by exploring HotSpot source code, contributing to open source projects and arguing about development over a pint of beer.