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What’s New Hazelcast IMDG 3.10 – New Data Structures & Enhanced Split-Brain Protection


The Hazelcast IMDG® 3.10 release has been a significant community driven effort and includes the release of a conflict-free replicated data type (CRDT), a Flake ID Generator and several split-brain protection enhancements.

In This Webinar

Please join us in hearing from Jaromir Hamala, Head of Hazelcast® Engineering, as he take us through the many improvements for improved split-brain management that the community has been asking for. Jaromir will provide an overview of new features:

  • CRDT Implementation — CRDT PN-Counter (positive-negative counter) is a specially designed data structure used to achieve strong eventual consistency.
  • Flake ID Generator — A tool used to generate cluster-wide unique identifiers. The Hazelcast Flake ID Generator replaces the existing ID Generator and can generate unique IDs even during split-brain and network partitioning failures.
  • New Split-brain Merging Policies — Previously only Map, ICache and ReplicatedMap supported merging policies after a network partition. Split-brain merging policies are now available for: ISet, IList, IQueue, Ringbuffer, MultiMap, IAtomicLong, IAtomicReference, IScheduledExecutorService and CardinalityEstimator. Also, split-brain merge configuration and SPI has been enhanced to ensure configuration and implementation is straightforward.
  • Shorten Split-Brain Detection Window — Now you can apply different levels of strictness of split-brain protection for some structures. Split-brain protection can now act on additional information such as member heartbeats (ProbabilisticQuorumFunction or RecentlyActiveQuorumFunction), membership changes and lost ICMP pings as well as a successful ping after a lost ping.
  • Split-brain Merge Improvements for High-Density (HD) Structures in IMDG Enterprise — We have improved split-brain merging for HD structures and introduced optimizations for merging huge amounts of data.

Presented By:

Jaromir Hamala
Director of Engineering

I’m a developer at Hazelcast®. I wrote my first line of code when I was 7 years old. Since than I was always interested in “How this system works under the hood?” I like pushing systems towards limits, brushing my skills by exploring HotSpot source code, contributing to open source projects and arguing about development over a pint of beer.