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April 20, 2021 @ 12:00pm EDT
Virtual Event

Accelerating Cloud-Native Applications with Hazelcast Cloud

Learn how to get started using Hazelcast Cloud, the fully-managed cloud-native version of the leading Hazelcast In-Memory Data Grid.
During this hands-on session, you will set up your own free Hazelcast Cloud Starter account and learn the basics of using a data grid.
Using a data grid can help accelerate your cloud-based applications through faster access to data and a reduction in network calls.
Hands-on labs will cover the following topics:
  • Creating a cloud-based cluster for fast storage and compute
  • Loading data into the cluster from a relational database
  • Querying the cluster using simple SQL commands
  • Performing distributed computations such as aggregations in the cluster
Target Audience: Developers and Architects

Duration: 90 minutes

Labs assume familiarity with Java and very basic SQL syntax (simple SELECTs).


Presented By:

Mike Yawn
Mike Yawn
Senior Solution Architect

Mike Yawn is a Senior Solutions Architect with Hazelcast, the provider of the leading operational In-Memory Computing Platform.  In that role, he provides pre-sales consulting on Hazelcast IMDG, Hazelcast Jet, and Hazelcast Cloud solutions to commercial customers.  Prior to joining Hazelcast, Mike performed a number of consulting and R&D functions with HP, eBay, Oracle, and EMC, supporting customers in manufacturing, banking, healthcare, and other industries.