How to Use HazelcastMQ for Flexible Messaging and More
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Recorded Webinar

How to Use HazelcastMQ for Flexible Messaging and More

60 minutes
Recorded July 23, 2014

In this webinar

HazelcastMQ provides a simple messaging layer on top of the basic Queue and Topic data structures provided by Hazelcast®. HazelcastMQ emphasizes simple configuration and reliable clustering while providing an understandable and flexible messaging API. Building on the core features of Hazelcast such as scalability and resilience, HazelcastMQ maintains a small footprint and few dependencies. In this webinar Mike Pilone, creator of HazelcastMQ, will explain why he wrote the framework, its overall architecture, and a few live demos. He will also share his ideas and roadmap for future expansion.

We’ll cover these topics:

  • Demo and architectural overview of HazelcastMQ
  • Comparable and related technologies
  • Features and ideal use cases
  • Live Q & A session


Mike Pilone, Senior Software Engineer/Architect at NPR, Creator of HazelcastMQ

As a Software Architect, Michael Pilone designs and builds large scale service oriented architectures (SOA), client applications, and content management solutions. Michael serves as the development team lead on National Public Radio’s (NPR) ContentDepot project which manages and automates the distribution of all NPR content including live audio streams and prerecorded programs. Michael specializes in Java backend technology solutions including Spring, JEE, and Web Services while also having experience with large scale Oracle systems and rich internet applications.