Top 2 Challenges Holding Back Kubernetes Adoption

| Video
| 45 minutes

Solving for Performance, and Complexity across AWS, Azure, GCP, and VMware

Pushing the boundaries of technology is what it is all about. The ability to continuously deliver and instantaneously validate software capabilities against actual business requirement is the end goal. Artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning have not changed much over the past two decades, but new hardware and software infrastructure made these disciplines much more accessible.

Please join us in this webinar as we discuss recent research by EMA on Kubernetes deployments. Leading the discussion is Torsten Volk, managing research director at EMA, whose research is centered around finding actual real-life pain points of software developers, DevOps engineers, and business executives and helping to develop better solutions to these problems. Joining him is Dale Kim, senior director of technical solutions at Hazelcast, who will provide his perspectives on how companies are solving the top challenges in Kubernetes.

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