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Thinking Distributed: The Hazelcast Way

70 minutes
Recorded June 18, 2014

In this webinar

Hazelcast offers a rich set of API and usually there are multiple ways of solving a problem. As you start to think more in a distributed way it becomes easy to take advantage of partitioning and remote code execution. In this webinar we will define a problem and start with a simple solution and gradually move to more performant solutions. Pros and Cons of each solution will be discussed. You’ll learn about some basic Hazelcast API, local and distributed transactions, distributed executor service and entry processors during the session.

We’ll cover these topics:

  • How to effectively leverage the distributed nature of Hazelcast
  • Pros and cons of the various methods of increasing performance
  • Live Q&A Session


Fuad Malikov, Co-Founder at Hazelcast


Fuad Malikov, Co-Founder at Hazelcast

Prior to co-founding Hazelcast, Fuad worked on J2EE projects as a technology consultant in financial and telecom industries. He was an IT architect at IBM, developing J2EE based core-banking system for one of the biggest banking transformation projects in Europe. Prior to IBM, Fuad worked on various telecom companies developing J2EE and Oracle PL/SQL applications. He has attended several Mathematics Olympiad Competitions. He won three gold medals at national Maths Olympiads and a bronze medal at 42nd International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), USA. Fuad holds a BS degree in Computer Engineering from Bogazici University, Istanbul.

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