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Tech Field Day: Hazelcast Platform Overview and Use Cases


Sr. Director of Technical Solutions, Dale Kim, will dive into Hazelcast’s in-memory data grid and event stream processing engine. He will also highlight some interesting and innovative use cases built by Hazelcast customers. After presenting the differences between the open source and enterprise editions of Hazelcast’s solution, Kim presents an architectural discussion of distributed computing using Hazelcast, including a look at data flows (streams and ad hoc requests), and where Hazelcast fits into enterprise application architecture. Hazelcast can ingest data from a variety of sources, including Kafka, MQ, IoT, enterprise applications, files, sockets, and database events, and output actionable content to these. Hazelcast acts as a system of record for distributed data in a cloud-first, memory-first, fast, reliable, and simplified way, providing low latency with resilience.

Recorded as part of Tech Field Day 23 on April 22, 2021.