Stream Processing Essentials

On-Demand Training

Through conceptual overviews, demos, and hands-on practice, you will learn to create stream processing pipelines using Java and Hazelcast Jet. This class is for advanced Java programmers who want to take their first steps in understanding and working with stream processing as well as for those who are already experienced in building the data processing applications and want to learn more about working with streaming data.

By the end of the course, you will have built and run distributed streaming pipelines to transform, enhance, and aggregate streaming data. You will also be able to discuss various stream processing options in terms of solving real-world, business-related problems.

The course includes the following lessons:

  • Stream Processing Overview
  • Demo: Cryptocurrency Sentiment
  • The Building Blocks
  • Transforming a Data Stream (lab)
  • Data Enrichment (lab)
  • Aggregations and Stateful Streaming (labs)
  • Demo: Jets with Jet
  • Scaling and Operations (labs)

Note that stream processing pipelines are built using Java lambdas. If you are not familiar with this type of coding, you may not be able to complete many of the hands-on exercises without referring to the sample solutions.