Shared Memory Performance: Beyond TCP/IP
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Shared Memory Performance: Beyond TCP/IP

60 minutes
Recorded January 27, 2015

In this webinar

In this webinar you’ll learn the importance of Advanced Data Locality and Data IPC Transports with respect to Java distributed cache data grids. This is information that is super-crucial to the HPC Linux supercomputing community.  The presenter will show how by using native /dev/shm as an IPC transport we can achieve latencies 1,000x faster than TCP/IP.  

We’ll cover the following topics:

  • Why going off-heap is fundamental to meeting real-time SLAs
  • Why traditional grid transports (TCP/IP) are not good enough for the HPC Linux supercomputing community
  • Why we need something more than TCP/IP
  • Live Q&A Session


Ben Cotton, Consultant at JPMorgan


Ben Cotton, Consultant at JPMorgan

Ben is has been an IT Consultant to Financial Services Industry for nearly 20 years.  His specializations lie in open source, transactions, caching, datagrids, fixed income & derivatives trading systems.

Ben is active in the following communities: 

  • Java Community Process Member
  • JSR-156 expert group: Java XML Transactions API 
  • JSR-107 expert group: Java Caching API 
  • JSR-347 expert group: Java Data Grids API
  • RedHat Community Member (Fedora, Infinispan, JBoss XTS) Code Contributor

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