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Retail Banking Conference, London

Live Event

April 24, 2019 @ 9:00am BST

Meet the Team

Come meet the Hazelcast® team at the Retail Banking Conference 2019!

About the Event:

Retail Banking: London 2019 will bring together high street banks alongside their challenger competitors for a full day of debate and insight into industry trends and new opportunities for the sector. London has long enjoyed a position as one of the leading European centres for the finance industry and the retail banking sector in the UK is marked for its vibrancy and reputation as a hub for fintech innovation. At this one day event, we’ll explore how the market is changing and how new dynamics are impacting the way the sector operates. Digital will form a core theme for conference, underpinning business change and new solutions. We’ll examine how the retail sector is embracing digital innovation, enhancing operational efficiency and delivering new, improved services for customers.