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Three Ways to Derive Information From Event Streams – Gartner Report

Analyst Report

Event stream processing continues to play an increasingly important role in today’s data architectures. This is no surprise, considering that companies are striving to respond faster to ongoing changes in their business environments. However, these companies are still not taking full advantage of the value of their data, typically because they have not planned for the right approaches and architectures for stream processing. Read this Gartner report to learn more.

Cloud Migration and the Role of In-Memory Technologies

White Paper

Hazelcast Cloud delivers enterprise-grade Hazelcast software in the cloud, deployed as a fully managed service. Leveraging over a decade of experience and best practices, Hazelcast Cloud delivers a high-throughput, low-latency service that scales to your needs while remaining simple to deploy. If you’re considering moving to the Cloud, or are looking for an easy ramp on deploying in-memory technology, this white paper on migrating in-memory to the cloud is an informative and helpful resource.

Exploring the Edge: 12 Frontiers of Edge Computing – Gartner Report

Analyst Report

Edge computing complements your cloud deployments by addressing issues related to having data created in remote locations. While businesses today are still in the early stages of edge computing, the expectation is that there will be significant adoption in the next two years. Hazelcast believes now is a good time to explore edge opportunities, and supports such initiatives with in-memory technologies that help drive powerful edge deployments.

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5G and the enablement of IoT Edge Processing

White Paper

In this White Paper, Hazelcast provides business-level examples of how 5G and In-Memory can work together for Edge Use cases.

The Business Imperative for High-Performance Caching

White Paper

When microseconds can mean the difference between success and failure, caching solutions deliver blinding speed with scalable and flexible management of data. In this white paper, we cover specific of caching solutions, where and why an enterprise would be interested, its application across multiple industries and its impact on data management, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning use cases.

Hazelcast Migration Comparison for Redis Users

White Paper

This white paper provides a point by point comparison of Hazelcast IMDG and Redis across a number of dimensions.

How-To Upgrade Hazelcast IMDG

| 3 pages

This guide steps through the process of upgrading your instance of Hazelcast IMDG.

Simplifying Public Sector IT

Case Study

Jet 3.0 Streaming Benchmark


The streaming benchmark is intended to measure the latency overhead for a streaming system under different conditions such as message rate and window size. It compares Hazelcast Jet, Apache Flink, and Apache Spark Streaming.

In-Memory Computing Platforms

White Paper

Companies need a data-processing solution that increases the speed of business agility, not one that is complicated by too many technology requirements. This requires a system that delivers continuous/real-time data-processing capabilities for the new business reality.

Getting Started with Microservices Using Hazelcast IMDG and Spring Boot

White Paper

Microservices, as an architectural approach, has shown a great deal of benefit over the legacy style of monolithic single applications. Nevertheless, microservices are not without their drawbacks. The purpose of this white paper is to show the first steps for using Spring Boot and Hazelcast IMDG® and how they contribute to the microservices landscape, enhancing the benefits and alleviating some of the common downsides.

Caching Strategies Explained

White Paper

This white paper provides a general overview of different strategies for application caching. It explains the advantages and disadvantages, as well as when to apply the appropriate strategy. Additionally, the paper gives a short introduction to JCache, the standard Java Caching API, as well as insight into the characteristics of the Hazelcast IMDG® JCache implementation and how it helps integrate different caching strategies into your application landscape.