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Recorded Webinar

How to Maintain Your Cache/Database Consistency with XA Transactions

60 minutes
Recorded October 19, 2016

In this webinar

If you have a cache and a database, then failures may cause inconsistencies between the database and the cache. XA Transaction technology provides a hard line on consistency of your cache by ensuring that cache updates are rolled back along with the database transaction. The cache effectively becomes like a replicated database – albeit in-memory.

While some applications may not care too much about such consistency (and favor availability first), there is a certain niche of applications that do care about seeing consistent cache data. In our experience, these applications are mostly in the financial services and/or insurance industries.

We’ll cover these topics

  • An overview of XA transactions and consistency
  • The benefits of using Hazelcast® with XA
  • Avoiding common pitfalls when configuring Hazelcast with XA
  • Live Q&A


Guy Pardon, Technical Lead at Atomikos

Guy is the original founder of Atomikos. He acts as the technology lead and co-ordinates the technical and support efforts of the team. Guy is also the chief software architect in charge of product design and manages the open source community at Atomikos. He’s also continuously trying to invent new ways of simplifying distributed systems’ reliability - like the TCC protocol for REST-ful transactions.

From his previous life, Guy holds a Master in Engineering from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and later got a PhD at ETH Zurich (Switzerland).