Hazelcast – Using In-Memory Key-Value Stores


Join Rafal Leszko, Software Engineer at Hazelcast, as he discusses caching and other valid use cases for in-memory key-value stores. He will introduce the Hazelcast In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) tool and present the features that inspire so many companies to choose Hazelcast over other similar solutions. Rafal will also provide details of Hazelcast OpenShift integration.

Presented By:

Chris Gregoire
Podcast Host
Red Hat
Rafal Leszko
Rafal Leszko
Cloud Software Engineer

Rafał is a passionate software engineer, trainer, conference speaker, and author of the book, Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins. He specializes in Java development, cloud environments, and continuous delivery. Prior to joining Hazelcast, Rafał worked with a variety of companies and scientific organizations, including Google, CERN, and AGH University of Science and Technology.