Hazelcast for Terracotta Users
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Recorded Webinar

Hazelcast for Terracotta Users

60 minutes
Recorded December 2, 2014

In this webinar

In this webinar we will compare the complexities involved in Terracotta with the code/configuration changes to migrate to Hazelcast®. You will learn about important features of Hazelcast such as IMDG capabilities, off-heap data storage, distributed collections, etc. and the feature-rich product portfolio of Hazelcast. We will cover how Hazelcast can scale up and out dynamically and without downtime against the static configuration of Terracotta. Expect to leave the webinar being more educated about Hazelcast in terms of architecture, important features and best practices.

We’ll cover these topics:

  • Hazelcast architecture and features
  • Terracotta distributed architecture
  • Scale – Vertical + Horizontal = Showcase no downtime feature in Hazelcast
  • BigMemory vs. HDC
  • Ease of installation – two jars against multiple jars
  • Config and Code changes – cache vs. maps, off-heap vs. HDC
  • Portability of Client APIs – IMap, IQueue, Topics, etc.
  • Added functionalities – Showcase IExecutorService, EntryProcessors, Multimap, etc.
  • DSO – Showcase EntryProcessors taking place of DSO
  • Live Q&A


Rahul Gupta, Senior Solutions Architect at Hazelcast

Rahul is a Senior Solutions Architect at Hazelcast® with years of experience in building and architecting scalable, low latency and high throughput infrastructure. His expertise lies in addressing challenges in Big Data and Real Time Analytics space. He specialises in In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) and governing technologies and Enterprise Architecture. Rahul understands cloud space very well and has delivered several business critical applications deployed on highly mobile yet robust distributed clusters on on-premise, cloud based and/or virtual infrastructure.