Hazelcast Jet 0.4 Datasheet


Hazelcast Jet 0.4 Datasheet

Hazelcast Jet is a distributed computing platform for fast processing of big data sets. Jet is based on a parallel, streaming core engine allowing data-intensive applications to operate at near real-time speeds.

Hazelcast Jet is built on top of hazelcast IMDG, the leading open source in-memory data grid on the market with tens of thousands of installed clusters. Jet processing Jobs can take full advantage of distributed in-memory data structures provided by Hazelcast to:

  • Write operational results of a computation job to an in-memory NoSQL key-value store
  • Cache data necessary for record enrichment, pre-processing and data cleaning
  • Enable in-memory messaging and notifications

Breakthrough application speed is achieved by keeping both the computation and the data in memory.

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