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Hazelcast Jet Benchmark Comparisons


Hazelcast Jet® is an ultra-fast, application embeddable, third-generation stream processing engine for lowlatency batch and stream processing. The Hazelcast Jet architecture is high-performance and low-latency- driven, based on a parallel, streaming core engine that enable data-intensive applications to operate at near real-time speeds.

Hazelcast Jet is built on top of Hazelcast IMDG®, the leading Open Source in-memory data grid, with millions of production systems running globally. Hazelcast Jet processing jobs take full advantage of the distributed in-memory data structures provided by Hazelcast IMDG to:

  • Keep the cached data hot using a real-time ETL
  • Write operational results of a computation job to an in-memory NoSQL key-value store
  • Cache data for record enrichment, pre-processing and data cleaning
  • Enable in-memory messaging and notifications
  • Process the data stored in the IMDG, making use of a data locality
  • Achieve breakthrough application speed by keeping both the computation and data in-memory

Hazelcast Jet performance is unrivaled, as evidenced by the following benchmark comparisons for:

  • Stream Processing Benchmark
  • A distributed implementation of java.util.Stream
  • Word Count Benchmark

– Hazelcast Jet® 0.4
– Apache Flink 1.2.0
– Spark 2.1.1