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Hazelcast IMDG Benchmark Comparisons

Hazelcast IMDG The Fastest In-Memory Solution

Hazelcast IMDG® is an operational, in-memory, distributed computing platform that helps companies manage their data, using in-memory storage and perform parallel execution for breakthrough application speed and scale. Hazelcast® is the leading open source in-memory data grid on the market, with tens of thousands of installed clusters and millions of server starts per week. Many organizations use Hazelcast IMDG as a reliable way to simplify distributed application development.

Typical use cases for Hazelcast include:

  • Elastic application scalability – both on premises and in the cloud
  • In-memory computation and clustering
  • In-memory NoSQL key-value store
  • Elastic, distributed, in-memory data cache and cache-as-a-service
  • High-speed messaging and message processing
  • Microservices and Internet-of-things infrastructure

Hazelcast IMDG performance is unrivaled, as evidenced by the following benchmark comparisons for:

  • Memcached
  • Redis
  • Gridgain/Apache Ignite
  • Pivotal Gemfire
  • Red Hat Infinispan/JBoss