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Recorded Webinar

Going Global with In-Memory Data

60 minutes
Recorded February 28, 2017

Solace, the leading provider of open data movement technology, combines with Hazelcast®, the fastest in-memory data grid, to accelerate the processing of global data workloads. Solace integrates with Hazelcast to provide a distributed publish/subscribe backbone that enables remarkably fast, efficient cluster synchronization across WANs.

This joint solution enables multi-cloud and hybrid cloud replication of Hazelcast clusters for worldwide operation with enterprise grade reliability, massive WAN scale-out and low latency cluster replication.
In this webinar, Heinz and Viktor are going to describe some example applications of this solution such as financial institutions that synchronize real-time position books and mobile carriers that use in-memory operational data to provide a fast and seamless end user experience.


  • Viktor Gamov, Senior Solution Architect, Hazelcast
  • Heinz Schaffner, Principal Technologist, Solace