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Getting Started with Hazelcast Node.js Client


Are you a node.js developer who is interested in learning more about Hazelcast?

In this webinar we will cover:

  • A high-level overview of Hazelcast
  • How Hazelcast can help you and/or your organization
  • How to install and use the Hazelcast Node.js client

Presented By:

Serkan Ozel
Serkan Ozel
Software Engineer

Serkan is a software engineer who graduated from Bogazici University. Before Hazelcast, he worked at a cybersecurity startup as a backend developer. His interest in open source led him to Hazelcast clients, to which he contributed before joining Hazelcast. He enjoys learning new things in his field and sharing them with others. Nowadays, he is working on Hazelcast Node.js Client in the APIs team.