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Amazon EC2 Deployment Guide for Hazelcast IMDG

The “Amazon EC2 Development Guide for Hazelcast IMDG” highlights best practices in running Hazelcast IMDG applications on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). EC2 is a central part of’s cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS). This guide provides an overview of the terminology and high-level architecture of AWS. It offers guidance for a smooth deployment of Hazelcast on EC2 while explaining some of the high availability options on EC2. Hazelcast is a high performance application and is dependent on consistent network behavior. Ready to maximize performance on the EC2 platform? Download this guide and learn how.

Who should read it?

This guide is for cloud architects and developers preparing an application utilizing Hazelcast to be deployed from a physical environment to a virtualized cloud environment, namely EC2.

In this guide:

  • An overview on the terminology and high-level architecture of Amazon Web Services
  • Best practices for a smooth deployment of Hazelcast on AWS
  • Explanation of high availability options on EC2

AWS Cloud Module

Hazelcast AWS cloud module helps Hazelcast cluster members discover each other and form the cluster on AWS.

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