Product Features

Rolling Upgrade

Upgrade your Hazelcast members and clients in a running cluster without interrupting operations.

Improve customer experience and reduce downtime, avoiding service disruptions, data loss, and interruption to execution

Member Rolling Upgrade

Upgrade cluster members individually in a running cluster without service interruption.

In the diagram on the left, the cluster is being incrementally upgraded via Rolling Upgrade. It currently has two members upgraded to version n+1, with the third member remaining at version n. The cluster as a whole is operating as if it has all members at version n, until all members are upgraded to version n+1.

Cross-Version Client Compatibility with Rolling Upgrade

Upgrade any of your applications independently of upgrades to your servers and other applications, instead of having to upgrade all applications together along with the server upgrades. Applications built on Hazelcast client versions that are different from the server versions (but are within the same major release number) can connect to the cluster and continue to run. This supports mixing clients of different languages and versions in one cluster.


Member Rolling Upgrade

Rolling Upgrade lets you upgrade one member at a time in a cluster, while still allowing the member to participate in the cluster after the upgrade. This lets you continue operations without having to remove members or shut down the entire cluster during an upgrade process.

Cross-Version Client Compatibility

Upgrade your applications independently of your servers or other applications, without service interruption, by leveraging Hazelcast client libraries that implement the Open Binary Client Protocol. Six client languages are supported including Java, C++, .NET, Python, Node.js, and Go.