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Established in 2001, WiseSpot is headquartered in Hong Kong, has a dedicated product development centre in Shenzhen (China) and a full-service branch office in Taipei (Taiwan). Our mission is to continuously grow our capabilities to create, implement and integrate best-in-class solutions for both telecommunication service providers and enterprises alike. Over the years, WiseSpot has worked with many of the world’s best technologies and market leading applications to create some of the region’s most innovative services aimed at enhancing the modern day personal communication and team collaboration experience. We are also providing telco-grade on-site support for over 100 live installations spanning Greater China, Singapore, Australia, UK and USA.

WiseSpot focuses on communication technologies, deploying them to develop transaction-heavy revenue-generating and efficiency solutions. Given today’s intensely competitive business environment, these applications are key to helping operators and enterprises alike optimize their resources, streamline business & operation support systems, and ultimately improve quality of experience for their customers.

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