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Solace Partners with Hazelcast to Provide Applications with Real-time Data Across Geographies

Solace, the most powerful WAN-accelerated messaging solution, combines with Hazelcast®, the fastest in-memory data grid, to drive efficiencies in the processing of global data workloads. This Solace-Hazelcast joint solution enables multi-cloud and hybrid cloud replication of Hazelcast clusters for worldwide operation. It enables enterprise grade reliability, WAN scale-out and low latency cluster replication.

By combining Solace’s store and forward WAN messaging solution with Hazelcast, organizations can reduce WAN bandwidth costs, minimise data update propagation time and insulate their infrastructure from network or data center outages. The solution is ideal for companies who need real-time data to be current across diverse geographical areas as data values change. Example scenarios include financial institutions that synchronize real-time position books or risk data across global financial centers, and mobile carriers that need customer or operational data in-memory to provide a fast and seamless end user experience.

Solace integrates with Hazelcast nodes in an in-memory cluster to provide a distributed and decoupled publish/subscribe backbone that is optimized for efficient WAN synchronization. As data changes in a local Hazelcast node, an event is published once to the Solace fabric and immediately fanned out to the other nodes in the distributed cluster. Solace uses advanced compression, TCP protocol optimization and route optimization to maximize data throughput and minimize latency over the WAN.
Both Hazelcast and Solace are certified on Azure, AWS, Cloud Foundry and more. The Solace integration is available with Hazelcast Enterprise.

About Solace

Solace technology enables open data movement by routing information between applications, devices and people across clouds using open APIs and protocols. Open data movement helps companies modernize legacy applications and successfully pursue analytics, big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things strategies.

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