Let us help you gain IT solutions with the highest performance levels that your organization needs.

About DLT and Hazelcast

With DLT and Hazelcast, you get IT solutions that deliver the highest performance levels that your agency needs to more effectively accomplish your mission. When DLT combines its extensive IT solution expertise in the public sector with the innovative, performance-boosting software technologies from Hazelcast, we help you solve the ever-growing challenges of getting significant value from huge data sets. Hazelcast provides an ultra-fast, public and private cloud-native application platform that lets you get the most out of your data.

DLT expertise focuses on six key areas, including application lifecycle, big data and analytics, business applications, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and IT infrastructure. Each of these areas can benefit from higher performance, and with Hazelcast in-memory and streaming technologies, government agencies can handle greater volumes of data at faster speeds. In addition to government agencies, DLT also has extensive experience working with education, utilities, and healthcare organizations.

Hazelcast specializes in technologies that help create the fastest software applications by efficiently leveraging a pool of RAM across a cluster of computer servers. The technology is based on an integration of in-memory data storage, distributed stream processing, and distributed batch processing. Built-in strategies such as data locality, near-cache, and data pipelining help to optimize application performance while simplifying the development process.

High performance is no longer a nice-to-have. Mission-critical solutions are being built across the public sector, and in-memory computing is enabling faster speeds to keep up with the rapid changes around how data needs to be leveraged.

“Improving cloud application performance and capabilities are key to enabling public sector users to leverage secure, scalable, agile and cost-efficient cloud computing solutions. The addition of the Hazelcast platform to DLT’s big data and analytics portfolio provides our channel partners, and their government and education customers, with a highly available, cloud-native, in-memory data platform that can process millions of operations per second with low latency.”

— Chris Wilkinson, President of DLT Solutions, a Tech Data company

Use Cases

DLT and Hazelcast support many different use cases, such as:

  • Cache-as-a-service
  • Common operational picture
  • Database acceleration
  • Internet of Things and edge analytics
  • Operational datastore
  • Operations optimization
  • Programmatic extract-transform-load (ETL)
  • Risk/threat assessment
  • Simulations

Technology architectural patterns include:

  • Digital integration hubs
  • Machine learning inference / artificial intelligence
  • Microservices
  • Multi-cloud deployment
  • Real-time stream processing