comMixt’s architecture approach is focused on handling complex systems interaction in enterprise business systems. Our collaboration with Hazelcast® allows us to use the core capabilities of the in-memory data grid to scale up both performance and availability.

With experience that encompasses enterprise financial services, retail and public-sector projects, we are engaged in designing and delivering solutions for:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Hybrid systems
  • Delivery acceleration
  • Augmented solutions

Designing secure open access and data management services. We are engaged in designing and delivering a response to the wider need that open data initiatives brings.

Cost-effective Cloud architecture for high-performance and adaptive loads. Our experience across a variety of cloud and container vendors enables us to assist organisations looking to right-size their hybrid or pure play cloud adoption.

comMixt is about the mix, blend and fusion of technologies, capabilities and people to create a solution that works in combination with your business.