Hazelcast On-Spot Event, Munich


Hazelcast On-Spot Event, Munich

Save the Date for our upcoming Hazelcast On-Spot event that will take place in Munich on the 22nd of February. You’ll have the chance to hear from industry experts who will be discussing the challenges and opportunities of distributed computing in the cloud covering topics from event-driven microservices architecture to application stream processing. We have 4 talks lined up:

Talk #1: A New Horizon – Hazelcast IMDG 3.9 and 3.10

Speaker: Christoph Engelbert – Hazelcast Hero and Community Expert

The General Availability release of 3.9 was yet another step to a better, more secure, high performance and 24/7 running Hazelcast IMDG setup, by providing a better TLS (SSL) encryption integration, rolling upgrade support or advanced usage of the High-Density Memory Store.

With the upcoming release of 3.10, Hazelcast IMDG will improve the consistency levels for its data structures where people expect those guarantees from non-distributed versions, giving developers an even easier entrance into the distributed world and the world of Hazelcast.

Talk #2: High-Performance Data Pipelines with Hazelcast Jet

Speaker: Vladimir Schreiner – Hazelcast Jet Product Manager

Processing of big data is no longer the sole domain of a heavy-weight infrastructure! Adding one small JAR file is enough to establish an entire computing cluster, capable of processing gigabytes of data every second.
Let me introduce you Hazelcast Jet: a library to design and build applications that consume and process big data in real-time.
Jet makes big data processing an application-level concern.

Talk #3: Cluster a Microprofile Application using CDI and the Hazelcast JCache Implementation

Speaker: Andy Gumbrecht – Senior Software Engineer, Tomitribe

Microprofile is a lightweight platform definition that optimizes Enterprise Java for a Microservices Architecture.
Using a subset of the Java EE specifications is is easy to develop Microprofile applications using JAX-RS, CDI and JSON-P.
Now you need to make it highly available and scalable across a large number of machines.
The session will feature a Raspberry PI demo running a fully clustered Microprofile application using only standard Java API’s and Hazelcast.

Talk #4: Event-driven Microservices with Vxms, Hazelcast and Kubernetes

Speaker: Andy Moncsek – Senior Consultant, Trivadis

Vxms is a framework for building reactive applications, based on Vert.x. While Vert.x is a totally un opinionated framework/toolkit, Vxms helps the developer to create REST/event based (micro) services with a clear, uniform and easy to use fluent-API.
With the awesome cluster capabilities of Vert.x, provided by Hazelcast, you can easily create scaling architectures without involving 3d party tools for service discovery. In combination with Kubernetes you get a powerful tool stack to run event-driven microservices with extremely good scaling and failover capabilities.
In this talk you will get a short introduction to Vxms and learn how to create event-driven microservices. You will see how to scale them using Hazelcast and how to deploy it in a Kubernetes cluster to benefit of its scaling and failover capabilities.