Microservices & Cloud Evening – Payara and Hazelcast Japan Office Launch


Microservices & Cloud Evening – Payara and Hazelcast Japan Office Launch

  • January 30, 2018 @ 6:00pm-10:30pm (
    January 30, 2018 6:00pm January 30, 2018 10:30pm Asia/Tokyo Microservices & Cloud Evening – Payara and Hazelcast Japan Office Launch Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo Hazelcast, Inc noreply@hazelcast.com
  • Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo

Join us at our free Tokyo Office Launch Event, 30th of January 2018 at Nakano Sunplaza 6pm – 10:30pm; featuring talks from Payara, Hazelcast®, Microsoft and Azul.

Talk #1: Moving to MicroProfile and EE4J by Steve Millidge, Technical Director at Payara

There are 2 major changes happening in the JavaEE world. Microprofile an industry collaboration to define Microservices APIs on top of a subset of JavaEE and EE4J the migration of JavaEE from the JCP to the Eclipse Foundation. Payara is at the forefront of both initiatives. In this presentation Steve will give an update on the roadmap of both initiatives their aims and objectives and will be open to questions.

Talk #2: Introduction to Hazelcast Jet®, the new Fast Big Data Platform by Greg Luck, CTO at Hazelcast

Jet is a new, Apache 2 licensed, DAG based platform for stream and batch processing. In this talk, Greg Luck, Hazelcast CEO/CTO will introduce you to the architecture and illustrate throughout with coding examples. Jet can take the place of Spark but with much greater speed and much simpler deployment – its a 10MB Jar with no dependencies other than those you need for connectors, which you can easily embed in your application.

Talk #3: Payara Server on the Cloud by Kenji Hasunuma, Service Engineer at Payara

Talk abstract TBC

Talk #4: Microservice meets Payara on k8s with Istio on Azure, by Yoshio Terada, Senior Technology Evangelist at Microsoft

Recently Kubernetes has been attracting attention in order to perform orchestration of Docker containers. In this session, we introduce a method for implementing micro service on Kubernetes using Payara/Hazelcast. During my demonstration, I will also introduce a new way of realizing a circuit breaker and a new way of deployment such as Blue Green/Canary, using service mesh technology called Istio.

Also, we will introduce the distributed traceing tool Zipkin, It can show the latency between services call, and also I will show the real-time system monitoring using Grafana.

Talk #5: The Start of A New Future For Java, by Simon Ritter, Deputy CTO at Azul

JDK 9 has been released and at the same time a number of announcements have been made about how Java will be released and how updates will be made available through the OpenJDK. In this session we’ll take a look at what those announcements are and how these changes will impact decisions about which versions of Java to use for deploying microservice based applications into the cloud.

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