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Hazelcast GIDS India Speaker Session:

Riding the Jet Streams

Speaker: Greg Luck
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 | Conference: GIDS.JAVA/DL | Duration: 60 mins

Be sure to come meet the Hazelcast team at Booth #20 after the talk.

Java 8 introduced the Stream API as a modern, functional, and very powerful tool for processing collections of data. One of the main benefits of the Stream API is that it hides the details of iteration over the underlying data set, allowing for parallel processing within a single JVM, using a fork/join framework. Stream processing offers those low latency, near real-time responses with always current results.

I will talk about a Stream API implementation that enables parallel processing across many machines and many JVMs. You will learn how you can use the same API to process massive data sets across large clusters, which you already know how to do in a single JVM.

With an explanation of internals of the implementation, I will give an introduction to the general design behind stream processing using DAG (directed acyclic graph) engines and how an implementation provides bleeding-edge in-memory performance while still leveraging industry-wide known frameworks as Java Streams API.

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About Greg Luck

Greg is the CEO/CTO of Hazelcast, Inc, an open source in-memory computing company. He is a member of the JCP Executive committee. He has 15 years of Java experience with a focus on caching and enterprise development in Australia and the United States. He co-led the spec for JSR107 JCache and is maintenance co-lead. He also created the in-process cache Ehcache which was acquired by Terracotta, Inc (now part of Software AG) where Greg became the CTO. More recently he initiated and directed the development of Jet, Hazelcast’s new open source big data processing engine. He has a Masters Degree in Information Technology from QUT.