Introduction to In-Memory Data Grids Training in Melbourne
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Introduction to In-Memory Data Grids Training in Melbourne

Introduction to In-Memory Data Grids Training:


The speed at which today’s evolving data is exploding (90% of all data was collected in last 3 years) imposes complex business problems that prevailing technology platforms can not address. This is preventing Enterprises from quickly extracting business value from this data. This poses further challenges as the value of data and the insights we can get from them decrease if it takes too long to take action.

In this session, we will learn how a distributed technology can address these problems and help Enterprises overcome the challenges of extracting business value from massive scale data.

You will be introduced to Distributed Systems and In-Memory Computing. From defining principles to in-depth hands-on experience of performing CRUD operations and running complex computations, we will dive deep into the world of in-memory distributed technologies, facilitated by Hazelcast.

We will learn how in-memory technologies can work seamlessly in conjunction with industry standard disk bound data stores, but operating faster and more fluidly in highly scalable distributed clusters.

Bring your laptops, we will provide refreshments; and you will return with the knowledge that can make real difference in the way you use technology to influence changes not only in business models but more importantly, provide improved user experience.


Topics to be covered in the training:

  • IMDG
  • Cluster formation with various discovery mechanisms
  • Cluster deployment strategies
  • Fault Tolerance and Failure Recovery
  • Distributed operations: Caching, Computing and Messaging
  • Distributed Caching: IMap
    • Partitioning and Replication
    • Persistence
  • Hazelcast Serialization

What to Bring

Bring your laptop, prepared with:


Melbourne Marriott Corner Exhibition & Lonsdale Streets, Melbourne 3000 Australia


Rahul Gupta, Senior Solutions Architect, Hazelcast

Rahul is a Senior Solutions Architect at Hazelcast® with years of experience in building and architecting scalable, low latency and high throughput infrastructure. His expertise lies in addressing challenges in Big Data and Real Time Analytics space. He specialises in In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) and governing technologies and Enterprise Architecture. Rahul understands cloud space very well and has delivered several business critical applications deployed on highly mobile yet robust distributed clusters on on-premise, cloud based and/or virtual infrastructure.