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Codemash: Don’t miss Viktor Gamov on Java Caching

Going to Codemash? Don’t miss these talks by our very own Viktor Gamov:

Caching Made “Bootiful”!

When: 1/12/17 @ 4:45 pm

Needing more performance from your Java applications? Is latency causing you stress? Repetitive loading of the data in applications, burning CPU time, taxing I/O / disk access? Too many applications caching the same data sets pushing the limits of your data management and application architecture? If so, take a look at JCache! This code-driven session demonstrates how to integrate Hazelcast Distributed Caches into your Spring or Java EE applications. Adding a bunch of annotations to a method can achieve an orders-of-magnitude speed improvement in applications with high-latency.

See session on Codemash.org

Java Puzzlers: Down the Rabbit Hole

When: 1/12/17 @ 7:30pm

The more we work with Java 8, the more we go into the rabbit hole. Did they add all those streams, lambdas, monads, Optionals and CompletableFutures only to confuse us? It surely looks so! And Java 9 that heads our way brings even more of what we like the most, more puzzlers, of course! In this season we as usual have a great batch of the best Java WTF, great jokes to present them and great prizes for the winners!

See session on Codemash.org

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