Hazelcast for Travel, Ticketing and Reservations

Hazelcast® is in production in Travel Ticketing and Reservation systems. This sector is very natural for In-Memory computing applications because of the need to support complex multichannel endpoints such as web, travel agent and mobile interfaces and a host of partner channels, and the real-time nature of ticketing systems. Ticketing and reservations need to dynamically model availability of reservation inventory and perform at the highest speeds without becoming prohibitively expensive.

Another mission-critical property of ticketing and reservation systems is to deal with burst conditions. In cases on holidays or even less predictable conditions where popular events are announced or weather conditions change, systems can experience unprecedented burst traffic. In some cases business rules and policy layers add an additional performance requirement on top of the basic reservation data, and under heavy load these systems can become slow. Hazelcast is optimized to deliver elastic and dynamic scalability and In-Memory performance, and provides compute functions such as In-Memory MapReduce, Continuous Query, Entry Processor and Executor Service on top of moving data sets. For these reasons, as well as the use of open source and commodity hardware price/performance, Hazelcast is the choice of advanced ticketing and reservation applications worldwide.

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Saga Holidays Limited

Saga Group gives the over-50 set historic tales to tell. The company, which got its start organizing holiday trips for retirees, offers a wide range of products and services aimed at people aged 50 and over. Saga Services is its insurance and finance arm, offering auto, home, and medical insurance for that age group, as well as savings and investment services. The group’s publishing arm produces “Saga Magazine”, which covers entertainment and current events of interest to older people. Saga Holidays offers cruises, tours, and resort deals. The company also offers telephone services and online dating. Saga Group is a subsidiary of Acromas Holdings, which also owns Automobile Association.