Hazelcast In-Memory Computing for Telecommunications

Hazelcast is used in carrier-class production at telecommunications companies- one deployment reaching petascale at one of the largest telecommunications firms in the world. By deploying a Hazelcast cluster in parallel with a Hadoop cluster, in-memory speed for processing, analyzing, and manipulating data analytics can be achieved.

Another advanced application in telecommunications includes extreme scale messaging. Hazelcast has data structures such as Topics and Queues which can deliver in-memory performance that scales out elastically on commodity hardware and virtual machines. Hazelcast is being used in telecommunications applications that range from mobile cell tower telemetry to network equipment monitoring and management to consumer mobile messaging.

Hazelcast has a great deal of flexibility and can deliver in-memory performance to web-based applications as well. The rapid adoption of Hazelcast in telecommunications is a testament to its ability to reliably, securely and scalably deliver the best in scale-out, price-performance.

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