Startups today are facing unique circumstances. A plethora of superangels , angel syndicates and incubators make starting companies easier and easier. Young companies are being asked to run in “Lean Startup” mode which is much less capital intensive.  Companies develop a “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) which they try to drive as quickly and as cheaply as possible to traction.

Unfortunately, this does not give companies much runway to build the right infrastructure for performance and scale. Even worse, the “Series A Crunch” means that angel funded startups may face difficulties getting over the hump of their first institutional venture capital round.

In this environment, startups have to be able to build elastically scalable apps, cloud backends and SaaS applications with excellent In-Memory performance, but without spending too much time on backend services. Most of the engineering effort should be on pleasing users and getting traction, not on scalability for your servers. Hazelcast®’s open source model and small (~2.6MB) JAR library approach to Data Grid provides an elastically scalable backend that deploys easily into Amazon EC2 or any hosting provider. More nodes can be dynamically provisioned or de-provisioned depending on if your problem is not enough users or too many users. Hazelcast will deliver open source scalability on commodity hardware and VMs, thus delivering the best possible price performance that can scale with the hypergrowth of your company.

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