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The Rush to Real Time: Industry Leader Q&A with Hazelcast’s Kelly Herrell

Media Coverage – Jan 7, 2022

Recently, Hazelcast CEO Kelly Herrell shared more information about the new release as well as the company’s future road map.

Best Before: Perishable Data Has A Shelf-Life

Media Coverage – Nov 22, 2021

Hazelcast's CTO John DesJardins chatted with Adrian Bridgwater about the importance of acting on data in real-time versus waiting for it to be written to the database before being able to take action.

Global Survey Reveals 8 in 10 Companies Struggle to Unify Data Assets Needed to Increase Revenue, Improve Customer Satisfaction, Reduce Costs

Press Release – Oct 20, 2021

Hazelcast, Inc. today released a global study revealing that 8 in 10 (79%) of retail and financial services companies struggle to harness real-time data and combine it with historical data to glean better insights for engaging customers, increasing revenue and boosting conversion rates, especially amid increasingly unpredictable consumer behavior trends and a rising tide of incoming data.


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Unifying streaming and stored data

Media Coverage – Jul 15, 2021

The next frontier for data processing is a new platform capable of delivering insights, actions, and value the instant data is born.

Hazelcast Platform integrates data grid and event streaming

Media Coverage – Jul 15, 2021

Hazelcast's new technology will provide a unified SQL query engine on a single cluster that will allow users to query both real-time data and data at rest.

Hazelcast Platform 5 soll Streaming Data mit Datenbanken und Data Lakes vereinen

Media Coverage – Jul 15, 2021

Das Release bringt das In-Memory Data Grid sowie die Stream-Verarbeitung mit Hazelcast Jet auf einer Plattform zusammen – inklusive erweitertem SQL-Support.

Hazelcast debuts new in-memory data processing platform

Media Coverage – Jul 15, 2021

Hazelcast Inc. today introduced a new in-memory data processing platform that it says will enable companies to analyze historical and real-time information at the same time.

Hazelcast Unveils Real-Time Intelligent Applications Platform

Press Release – Jul 14, 2021

Hazelcast is announcing the new Hazelcast Platform, enterprise software capable of serving as a single platform for transactional, operational and analytical workloads.

Hazelcast Platform Enables Faster Recovery, Unifies SQL Support

Press Release – Jul 14, 2021

Hazelcast today is announcing the addition of disk-based persistence and enhanced SQL support for the company’s new solution, Hazelcast Platform.

Executive Q&A: Understanding In-Memory Computing

Media Coverage – Jun 29, 2021

In-memory computing brings computation together with data, leveraging data-aware execution, data locality and making it possible to dramatically improve performance and scalability for streaming analytics and machine learning.

Hazelcast Debuts as a Strong Performer in Streaming Analytics Analyst Research Report

Press Release – Jun 7, 2021

Forrester Research has named Hazelcast a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Streaming Analytics, Q2 2021.

3 Reasons In-Memory Computing is Essential for Microservices

Media Coverage – Apr 2, 2021

Microservices continue to see a surge in adoption and it is easy to see why. For businesses, they bring the promise of faster time-to-market, faster innovation, and greater scale, which are all critical when dealing with the many innovative and disruptive forces in today’s competitive climate.