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Hazelcast Adds SQL Support in Latest Upgrade

Media Coverage – Sep 17, 2020

In-memory computing platform maker has Hazelcast is adding new features and enhancements to its namesake Java-based in-memory data grid.

Stream Processing Is a Great Addition to Data Grid, Hazelcast Finds

Media Coverage – Sep 14, 2020

In-memory data grids (IMDGs) historically have exceled in applications that require the fastest processing times and the lowest latencies. By adding a stream processing engine, called Jet, to its IMDG, Hazelcast is finding customers exploring new use cases at the cutting edge of high-performance computing.

Achieving‌ ‌Low‌ ‌Latency‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌Public‌ ‌Cloud‌

Media Coverage – Sep 14, 2020

As all online business becomes more competitive – within the same industry and in the broader realm of customer experience in web and mobile apps – low latency will continue to be a priority. So as a business, how can you ensure the highest performance from your systems when moving to the cloud?


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Future-Proof High-Performance Microservice Applications with In-Memory Technology

Media Coverage – Aug 4, 2020

Monolithic apps are difficult to evolve and are almost certain to be bogged down with years of technical debt. This is why software architects are turning to microservices.

Insider’s Guide: Architecting for Edge Success, Pt. 2

Media Coverage – Aug 4, 2020

We touched on the "where" aspect of the architecture - the physical locations and devices - in which each stage runs. However, there are several phases for edge-to-cloud deployment. So, let's dig in!

Insider’s Guide: Architecting for Edge Success, Pt. 1

Media Coverage – Jul 28, 2020

In this two part series we'll explore the business value of edge computing as it relates to data capture and what it takes to set up a successful edge-to-cloud architecture.

Addressing the Security of In-Memory Computing

Media Coverage – Jul 28, 2020

In-memory computing increasingly is being tapped for its speed and security capabilities.

How Hazelcast hopes to make digital transformation mainstream

Media Coverage – Jul 27, 2020

Even as the coronavirus pandemic has hastened digital transformation efforts, success remains elusive for many companies. This one-stop-shop to digital transformation might help.

In-memory computing will unlock 5G benefits

Media Coverage – Jul 24, 2020

The global rollout of the 5G wireless network promises to relieve many of those constraints. And first impressions don’t disappoint.

Hazelcast, Sorint Expand Partnership to Address Rapidly Increasing In-Memory Computing Adoption

Press Release – Jul 15, 2020

Hazelcast and Sorint.Lab S.p.A. announced the expansion of its partnership.

Hazelcast Simplifies Application Modernization with Event-Driven Architectures

Press Release – Jul 14, 2020

Hazelcast today announced the latest release of Hazelcast Jet which includes new application development features to its stream processing architecture.

IBM’s Evaristus Mainsah On The Edge Computing Opportunity For Partners

Media Coverage – Jun 26, 2020

Hear IBM’s Evaristus Mainsah talk about the company’s new edge computing solutions, which allow partners like Hazelcast, an in-memory computing platform provider, to solve problems around latency.