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Hazelcast CEO on the rise of real-time translytics

Media Coverage – Aug 30, 2021

Hazelcast CEO Kelly Herrell shares how a new class of translytics applications capable of processing data in real-time could transform IT.

Hazelcast Platform to Bring Historical, Real-Time Data Together

Media Coverage – Aug 25, 2021

Hazelcast is best known as a developer of in-memory data grid (IMDB) technology, a RAM-loving layer for speeding up operational applications. But with the Hazelcast Platform launch currently slated for September, the San Mateo, California company is moving beyond the IMDG and into the realm of real-time applications that combine historical and real-time data for a range of use cases.

Hazelcast Announces Integrated Real-Time Applications Platform

Media Coverage – Jul 26, 2021

In-memory data engine company Hazelcast has announced the latest version of its product which it is calling the Hazelcast Platform.


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Hazelcast debuts new in-memory data processing platform

Media Coverage – Jul 15, 2021

Hazelcast Inc. today introduced a new in-memory data processing platform that it says will enable companies to analyze historical and real-time information at the same time.

Hazelcast Unveils Real-Time Intelligent Applications Platform

Press Release – Jul 14, 2021

Hazelcast is announcing the new Hazelcast Platform, enterprise software capable of serving as a single platform for transactional, operational and analytical workloads.

Hazelcast Platform Enables Faster Recovery, Unifies SQL Support

Press Release – Jul 14, 2021

Hazelcast today is announcing the addition of disk-based persistence and enhanced SQL support for the company’s new solution, Hazelcast Platform.

Executive Q&A: Understanding In-Memory Computing

Media Coverage – Jun 29, 2021

In-memory computing brings computation together with data, leveraging data-aware execution, data locality and making it possible to dramatically improve performance and scalability for streaming analytics and machine learning.

Hazelcast Debuts as a Strong Performer in Streaming Analytics Analyst Research Report

Press Release – Jun 7, 2021

Forrester Research has named Hazelcast a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Streaming Analytics, Q2 2021.

3 Reasons In-Memory Computing is Essential for Microservices

Media Coverage – Apr 2, 2021

Microservices continue to see a surge in adoption and it is easy to see why. For businesses, they bring the promise of faster time-to-market, faster innovation, and greater scale, which are all critical when dealing with the many innovative and disruptive forces in today’s competitive climate.

Hazelcast Demonstrates Cloud Efficiency, Real-Time Stream Processing of One Billion Events per Second

Press Release – Mar 17, 2021

Hazelcast today announced that it successfully achieved a stream processing performance milestone of one billion events per second with 26-millisecond latency on 720 virtual CPUs (vCPUs) in a public cloud deployment.

Hazelcast Releases Cloud-based Architecture for Financial Services Risk Management Applications

Press Release – Feb 24, 2021

Hazelcast is releasing a reference implementation that simplifies a financial service organization’s ability to execute and scale financial risk calculations in the cloud while gaining real-time performance and fully-utilizing the resource-heavy investment.

Hazelcast Broadens Global Partner Program to Drive Cloud Adoption

Press Release – Feb 9, 2021

Hazelcast announced the expansion of its channel program to include several new partners that increase the company’s go-to-market capabilities in verticals and regions experiencing strong cloud adoption.