Our Company

Our Vision: Empower the world to act instantaneously on data everywhere.

Our Mission: Push the boundaries of distributed computing and make it available to everyone and everywhere.

The Hazelcast Difference

Speed takes on a whole new meaning when it refers to billions of devices requiring real-time interaction. Hazelcast’s in-memory technology delivers blinding speed, opening up a whole new level of opportunities for innovation.

Why Hazelcast

Looking to grow and scale your business with minimum disruption? Hazelcast’s distributed architecture lets you quickly and easily scale up to terabytes of processing power, then scale down when resources are no longer needed.

Why Hazelcast


Hazelcast’s distributed In-Memory Computing Platform spreads your process over multiple clusters working in parallel, with redundancy and continuous back-up. With our in-memory solutions, your downtime is effectively zero. Yes, zero.

Why Hazelcast


Hazelcast offers a fully integrated security suite, combining the strength and depth of an Open Source security model with the speed of in-memory computing, which enables massive improvements in fraud detection and access control.

Why Hazelcast

Trusted by hundreds of the world’s leading organizations


of the Global 2000


of the largest banks


of the largest retailers


of the largest telecoms

About Hazelcast

Hazelcast is the leading in-memory computing platform that enables organizations to leverage a highly resilient and elastic memory resource for data at rest and in motion. Our technology is behind many of today’s leading financial, e-commerce/retail, telecommunications, healthcare and government organizations. Whether it is real-time inventory and shipping information, lighting quick fraud detection or gleaning insights that lead to product innovation, Hazelcast enables companies to achieve success in microseconds.

Meet the Hazelcast Leadership Team

Kelly Herrell


Manish Devgan

Chief Product Officer

Karen Smith

Chief Revenue Officer

Dave Salverson


John DesJardins

Chief Solutions Officer

Tamzyn Furse

Chief People Officer

Eric Bochner

Chief Legal Officer
VP, Corporate Development

Jakki Geiger

Chief Marketing Officer


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