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Google Summer of Code 2020: A Mentor’s Perspective

Nicolas Frankel
by Nicolas Frankel | Sep 24, 2020

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a summer initiative that allows students to obtain a first deep dive into Open Source projects. It has several benefits: GSoC creates bonds between students and Open Source communities. Some, but not all, students continue to contribute to the Open Source project they worked on after GSoC This initiative […]

Hazelcast IMDG 4.1 BETA is Released!

Jiri Holusa
by Jiri Holusa | Sep 09, 2020

We are proud to announce the release of Hazelcast IMDG 4.1-BETA-1. It is a step toward the first minor release in the Hazelcast IMDG 4.x product line. Being a beta release, it provides a preview of the features coming in future releases and is not intended for production usage. Below, we highlight the most notable […]

Hazelcast Helm Chart

Rafal Leszko
by Rafal Leszko | Jun 24, 2020

Learn how to use Hazelcast Helm Chart

Tech Talk Series

Vladimir Schreiner
by Vladimir Schreiner | Apr 01, 2020

Virtual meetups with Hazelcast covering data streaming and in-memory computing topics.

Announcing the Hazelcast Community License

Greg Luck
by Greg Luck | Jan 30, 2020

Today, Hazelcast is moving to a three-license software licensing model:  Apache 2.0 for the core of our systems, consistent with our history A new source-available Hazelcast Community License A proprietary license for selected Enterprise operational features, consistent with our history The license model change will have no impact on users and is only intended to […]

Hazelcast with Istio Service Mesh

Mesut Celik
by Mesut Celik | Dec 09, 2019

Istio is said to be the next thing if you follow the Kubernetes path, and service meshes are mentioned whenever you go to a cloud-native meetup or conference like KubeCon. However, you do not always leverage something for the sake of popularity. The Hazelcast-Istio support discussion was started by a user after a GitHub issue […]

Hazelcast IMDG 4.0 BETA is Released

Matko Medenjak
by Matko Medenjak | Nov 05, 2019

It is my pleasure to announce that after 6 years a new major version of Hazelcast has been released! This new release brings a breath of fresh air into Hazelcast while also being more robust than ever. We did try to keep enough familiarity to not surprise our users too much, but we also invested […]

Hazelcast Jet 3.2 is Released

Can Gencer
by Can Gencer | Oct 23, 2019

We are excited to introduce Hazelcast Jet 3.2, the latest version of Hazelcast’s batch and stream processing platform. We’ve added a number of powerful capabilities that not only expands the addressable use cases, but also further simplifies your application development efforts. Stateful Mapping Operator Jet now has support for more general fault-tolerant, stateful operations that […]

Announcing the First Release of Hazelcast Jet Extension Modules

Emin Demirci
by Emin Demirci | Jul 17, 2019

We are excited to announce the new repository for extension modules of Hazelcast Jet. This repository will be home for the Hazelcast Jet extension modules, including connectors (including both sources and sinks), custom aggregations, and context factories. All of these modules will help make the integration easier for 3rd-party products in your pipelines. The main […]


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