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We Do Need Another Hero

Nicolas Frankel
by Nicolas Frankel | Mar 15, 2021

Please forget the pun in the post’s title, I couldn’t resist. Today, we are happy to welcome another Hero from our community, Piotr Jasina. In this post, I asked my usual battery of questions to Piotr. Nicolas Fränkel: Hello Piotr! Congratulations on being promoted to Hazelcast Hero! It’s a pleasure to interview you. Let’s start […]

Hazelcast C++ Client Thread Structure

by Ihsan Demir | Feb 25, 2021

We have just released our newest version of Hazelcast C++ Client API. It has a lot of improvements and features compared to older releases and I would like to provide some insights into the thread structure of our client, including how it interacts with the user threads. IO Thread IO thread is one of the […]

Asynchronous C++ Client

by Ihsan Demir | Feb 01, 2021

Asynchronous C++ Client The latest release of the Hazelcast C++ client API features so many changes and there may be only a few APIs we didn’t touch. We kept the familiar structures and names as they were before, but we made numerous changes to take advantage of C++11 capabilities. Our new API fully supports asynchronous […]

A New Hero is Born: Lenny Primak

Nicolas Frankel
by Nicolas Frankel | Jan 27, 2021

Since we announced the nomination of Tomasz Gawęda, a new Hero has popped up. We are very happy to officially nominate Lenny Primak from the USA to be our latest Hero in the program. Lenny is a long-time contributor, but some of the Pull Requests he made couldn’t be merged by our teams in a […]

Announcing Our Newest Hero: Tomasz Gawęda

Nicolas Frankel
by Nicolas Frankel | Dec 14, 2020

We recently announced our Hazelcast Heroes program to recognize the efforts of the most engaged contributors in our community. Today, we are very excited to announce our newest Hero, Tomasz Gawęda from Poland! Tomasz became a Hero by having five of his Pull Requests merged. He was kind enough to answer our questions regarding his […]

Announcing the Hazelcast Heroes Program

Nicolas Frankel
by Nicolas Frankel | Nov 19, 2020

Hazelcast is built on open source foundations. It’s part of our DNA, and we strive to uphold open source values in our day-to-day work. This commitment allows external contributors to make Hazelcast better so that the whole community can benefit from a collective effort. No contribution is too small, but, indeed, some of our community […]

Hazelcast IMDG 4.1 GA is Released!

Jiri Holusa
by Jiri Holusa | Nov 04, 2020

We are excited to announce the production-ready release of Hazelcast IMDG 4.1. Below, we highlight the most notable features and enhancements implemented in this release. You can find the list of changes in the release notes. Before we dive into the details, we want to share a few numbers: It took exactly 9 months since the […]

Introducing Hazelcast Professional Credentials

by Hendy Appleton | Oct 29, 2020

Hazelcast is pleased to announce the first of three Hazelcast professional credentials. The Developer Essentials credential is issued to engineers who have completed basic training on developing applications that incorporate the Hazelcast platform to perform stream processing, in-memory computing, and in-memory storage. Credential-holders have hands-on practice in creating distributed data structures, distributed computing jobs, and […]

Hazelcast Joins Hacktoberfest

Nicolas Frankel
by Nicolas Frankel | Sep 30, 2020

At Hazelcast, open source is not only a business model; it’s the foundation of our company. We believe in the right of users to access, read, and improve upon our work. Because we know that it’s not easy to get started in open source in general, especially within a specific project, we participated in this […]


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