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Hazelcast Jet 4.3 is Released!

Marko Topolnik
by Marko Topolnik | Oct 23, 2020

Today we’re releasing Hazelcast Jet 4.3, our fourth release of 2020! We took part in Google Summer of Code that ended just a few weeks ago, and this release already brings a production-ready piece of work by our student, Mohamed Mandouh: distributed in-memory sorting. Mohamed’s primary focus was research into the feasibility of integrating RocksDB […]

Hazelcast Node.js Client 4.0 is Released

by Andrey Pechkurov | Oct 01, 2020

Hazelcast Node.js client 4.0 is now available! Let’s see what are the main changes in this new release. Hazelcast Client Protocol 2.0 Node.js client now uses Hazelcast Open Binary Client Protocol 2.0, which has a number of enhancements and serialization improvements when compared with 1.x. For the end-user, it means that the client now supports […]

Hazelcast Joins Hacktoberfest

Nicolas Frankel
by Nicolas Frankel | Sep 30, 2020

At Hazelcast, open source is not only a business model; it’s the foundation of our company. We believe in the right of users to access, read, and improve upon our work. Because we know that it’s not easy to get started in open source in general, especially within a specific project, we participated in this […]


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Monitoring Hazelcast with Prometheus using Management Center 4.2020.8

Bence Eros
by Bence Eros | Sep 03, 2020

From version 4.2020.08 of Hazelcast Management Center, it is possible to monitor Hazelcast clusters using Prometheus. This opens up a variety of monitoring and alerting capabilities. In this blog, we’ll go through some examples of configuring the Prometheus integration of Management Center and setting up graphs and alerts in Prometheus based on the Hazelcast metrics. […]

Announcing Hazelcast Hibernate 2.1.0

Grzegorz Piwowarek
by Grzegorz Piwowarek | Sep 01, 2020

Today, we’re happy to announce the new version of our hazelcast-hibernate53 integration providing the second-level cache provider implementation for Hibernate 5.4. Besides various bug fixes and performance improvements, we introduced a few highly-requested features. New Features Asynchronous Client Reconnect with Fallback In order to increase resiliency, whenever a connection between a client and a server is […]

How to Display Metrics and Keep Your Sanity

Andrey Goncharov
by Andrey Goncharov | Aug 27, 2020

Large scale equals distributed. Distributed equals inevitable complexity. Complexity at runtime equals extensive monitoring. At Hazelcast, doing distributed systems well is our bread and butter. It means we have no choice but to be huge fans of collecting all kinds of metrics to stay on guard of the data our users trust us with. In […]

Postmortem Chronicles – Prometheus is Good, But Be Careful!

Huseyin Babal
by Huseyin Babal | Aug 21, 2020

On August 6, we detected and fixed a production issue that showed the wrong cluster status in Hazelcast Cloud Console. When you click the Stop Cluster button, it stays in Stopping state even after your cluster is shutdown. I was a bit confused since this system is already running for almost 2 years, but why […]

Getting Started with Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise on Microsoft Azure

Mike Yawn
by Mike Yawn | Aug 19, 2020

Note: An AWS-specific version of this blog post was previously posted here; in this version we’ve updated the content to cover deployments on Microsoft Azure as well as new features.  Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise is the new cloud-native managed service that allows you to quickly set up a cluster of Hazelcast IMDG nodes in a public […]

Management Center 4.2020.08 is Released

Emre Aydin
by Emre Aydin | Aug 18, 2020

Management Center 4.2020.08 is released! Let’s see what this new release brings. Jet Support Previously, Management Center supported management and monitoring of only Hazelcast IMDG clusters and any Jet-specific tasks, such as job monitoring and snapshots, had to be managed via a separate dedicated Jet Management Center application. With this release, the two Management Centers […]

Spring Boot: Hazelcast for Session Replication

Rafal Leszko
by Rafal Leszko | Jul 24, 2020

NOTE: This is an updated version of a previous blog. This article contains updated information. You can use Hazelcast for HTTP session replication between multiple replicas of your Spring Boot application. For example, imagine that you have a classic example of an online shop with customer’s items stored in the session. Users start to add […]

Designing an Evergreen Cache with Change Data Capture

Nicolas Frankel
by Nicolas Frankel | Jul 20, 2020

It has been said that there are two things hard in software development, naming things and cache invalidation (while some add off-by-one errors to the mix). I believe that keeping the cache in sync with the source of truth might count as a third one. In this post, I’d like to tackle this issue, describe […]

Jet 4.2 is Released!

Can Gencer
by Can Gencer | Jul 14, 2020

Jet 4.2 is finally here! Here’s an overview of what’s new: Change Data Capture Support for MySQL and PostgreSQL Previously, Jet has had support for Debezium as a contrib package. We’re happy to announce that we’ve made several improvements to this package and decided to make this a part of our main release. Debezium was developed initially […]


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