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Hazelcast IMDG Achieves IBM’s Kubernetes Container Software Certification

Mesut Celik
by Mesut Celik | May 26, 2020

Building containerized software that runs on Kubernetes platforms like Red Hat OpenShift Cloud Platform is the hot trend in software development. Everyone is building containers, but the technology is new enough that best practices and certifications are still being developed. IBM specializes in providing software for enterprises. An example of this software is IBM Cloud […]

Getting Started with Hazelcast on Azure Kubernetes Service

Sharath Sahadevan
by Sharath Sahadevan | May 18, 2020

This blog shows you how you can install Hazelcast on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and connect to the cluster using an Hazelcast client. It assumes some familiarity with Kubernetes , Azure and Azure Cloud shell. The goal of this blog is to keep things simple and show you the steps to get up and running […]

How Hazelcast Jet Compares to Apache Spark

Vladimir Schreiner
by Vladimir Schreiner | May 14, 2020

“How Jet compares to Spark” and “why should I choose Jet over Spark” are arguably the most frequent questions I’ve been asked during the talks and workshops. While it is hard to assess the product fit without focusing on a concrete use-case, I’d still like to compare concepts and architecture used under the hood of […]


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Top 5 Scenarios for Blue/Green Deployments

Burak Celebi
by Burak Celebi | Apr 08, 2020

In the first blog post, I explained the Blue/Green Deployments feature of Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise in general. Now, it is time to go through the top 5 scenarios where you can benefit this feature from. When using these features, it may be necessary to copy data or synchronize data from one cluster to the other. […]

Securing Hazelcast with Cert-Manager

Rafal Leszko
by Rafal Leszko | Apr 06, 2020

Cert-Manager became a standard way for issuing and rotating certificates in Kubernetes and OpenShift environments. Simple to install. Simple to use. Well integrated with Vault and other secret managers. No surprise it’s the way to go if you want to set up secure communication between your applications! In this blog post, I show how to […]

Introduction to Blue/Green Deployments with Hazelcast IMDG

Burak Celebi
by Burak Celebi | Apr 02, 2020

This is the first blog post for Hazelcast IMDG’s Blue/Green Deployments feature, which is the most recent member of the Enterprise edition.  “Blue/Green deployment” refers to a software technique used to reduce or even eliminate system downtime and the associated business risk by deploying two mirrored production environments referred to as “Blue” and “Green”.  In […]

Tech Talk Series

Vladimir Schreiner
by Vladimir Schreiner | Apr 01, 2020

Virtual meetups with Hazelcast covering data streaming and in-memory computing topics.

Announcing Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise GA on AWS

Seb Benmbarek
by Seb Benmbarek | Mar 31, 2020

Today, we’re happy to announce the general availability of Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise on AWS. This much-anticipated release will make it even easier for solution architects and developers with a need for extra-low latency to leverage the power of Hazelcast IMDG within their cloud technology stack. What is Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise? Even though we already offer […]

Getting Started with Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise

Mike Yawn
by Mike Yawn | Mar 31, 2020

Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise is the new cloud-native managed service that allows you to quickly set up a cluster of Hazelcast IMDG nodes in a public cloud (Amazon Web Services today, with Google GCP and Microsoft Azure coming later this year), and have that cluster fully managed for you by Hazelcast. Setting up the cluster requires […]

Transactional Connectors in Hazelcast Jet

by Villiam Ďurina | Mar 27, 2020

Hazelcast Jet is a distributed stream processing engine that supports exactly-once semantics even in the presence of cluster member failures. This is achieved by snapshotting the internal state of the processors at regular intervals into reliable storage and then, in case of a failure, using the latest snapshot to restore the state and continue. However, […]

Bridging Between Java 8 Streams and Hazelcast Jet

Nicolas Frankel
by Nicolas Frankel | Mar 24, 2020

Hazelcast Jet allows you to distribute stream processing over several cluster nodes. While it comes with several out-of-the-box sources to read from (Hazelcast IMap, JMS, JDBC, etc.), and sinks to write to, there’s no Java 8 streams source. In this post, we are going to create an adapter to bridge this gap. A Look at […]

Our Responsibility to Customers and Community

Kelly Herrell
by Kelly Herrell | Mar 18, 2020

Given the unprecedented scale of COVID-19, we would like to take a moment to share how Hazelcast is navigating the situation to maintain our commitment to you and your customers while protecting the health and safety of our team members. Our responsibility. With more than 130 employees across 21 countries, we’re a highly distributed workforce […]


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