Unified real-time data platform

Streamline development with rapid, resilient data management and processing for real-time and AI applications.

Delaying modernization increases costs and puts you at a competitive disadvantage. Enhance your edge and reduce long-term costs with Hazelcast Platform.

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What is Hazelcast Platform?

Hazelcast Platform uniquely combines a distributed compute engine and a fast data store in one runtime. It offers unmatched performance, resilience and scale for real-time and AI-driven applications.

It processes billions of events per second with minimal latency, streamlines development and supports modernization while significantly lowering TCO with:

  • real-time data management and compute
  • event-driven architectures
  • and real-time AI/ML automation

Benefits of a real-time data platform


Get the highest throughput and lowest latency without the complexity


Run 24/7 with high availability and disaster recovery with low RPO/RTO


Easily grow or shrink your cluster elastically to fit your workload demands

Faster time-to-value

Enjoy ease of use, less integration coding, management and monitoring

Lower TCO

Reduce costs by using less hardware and fewer disparate technology clusters


Protect your data with role-based access controls and encryption

Hazelcast named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave: Streaming Data Platforms, Q4 2023


Top 3 Priorities for Innovative Data Leaders in 2023

The Right Technology will Drive Customer Excellence

Hazelcast Versus Redis: A Practical Comparison

Learn how Hazelcast covers all your bases for your stream processing needs, many of which are not available in Redis.

Hazelcast Versus Redis: A Practical Comparison

Learn how Hazelcast covers all your bases for your stream processing needs, many of which are not available in Redis.


Top 3 Priorities for Innovative Data Leaders in 2023

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Enrich Kafka Applications with Contextual Data

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Press Release

Hazelcast Sets Industry Standard for Consistency and Performance for Data-Intensive, Mission-Critical AI Workloads

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“As the leading global digital out-of-home advertising marketplace, connecting sellers and buyers, we must deliver accurate inventory insights in real-time, which requires strong data consistency without sacrificing performance. We’re transforming the advertising marketplace, and the Hazelcast Platform enables us to deliver a better customer experience so advertisers can reach their audiences at the moments that matter.”

Simon Edwards, CTO


BNP Paribas
“When we started, we didn't know if the system could support the different types of business logic and the expected campaign volumes for this to be a viable effort. But it was easy and relatively cheap to get started to see how the software could work. And we obtained good results, as the offer conversion rate is 4 times higher than before and the campaigns are profitable.”

Enterprise Architect

BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.

“For applications having a use case of dealing with high velocity updates (like the inventory use case for our e-commerce platform), Hazelcast technology is apt and it has out of the box features that can be leveraged to avoid oversell or undersell inventory situations.”

Vice President IT

Architecture & Technology Top 3 American Retailer

“The Hazelcast Platform plugs into existing systems to process and enrich fresh streaming data with relevant stored data to detect opportunities and threats and act instantly. We’re excited to partner with Hazelcast to help drive the real-time economy forward.”

John Carey, Managing Director

AArete Financial Services Technology Solutions

Hazelcast can help your business

Payment Processing

100,000+ payments per second

A multinational bank pursued digital transformation to enhance payment processing in 40 countries, resulting in impressive performance, scalability, and recognition.

Fraud Detection

$100M in losses avoided

Neglecting systems can lead to hefty fines – a major bank was fined £500 million. Adaptable solutions like Hazelcast are essential for real-time checks and minimizing losses as fraud tactics evolve.

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