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Hazelcast 3.6 up to three times faster than Hazelcast 3.2

Greg Luck February 14, 2016

We got busy with performance at Hazelcast over the last year and a half. There are many different parts of the API to test. We have mostly been using competitors benchmarks to verify our performance increases. This week we wanted to find out how the versions had changed. So we did a performance test on IAtomicLong. It is a small payload so it is a good way to test the low level infrastructure.


As you see we starting with 3.0 we have had a nice steady increase in performance, with 3.6 twice as fast as 3.5.

Hazelcast Open Client Protocol + New Clients

The cause of the dramatic 3.6 increase is the change to the new Java client that uses the Hazelcast Open Client Protocol, a high performance binary protocol. This is an open protocol and anyone can implement it. All of our clients are open source and all have been updated to the new protocol. We have Java, C++, C and just this week Python. And of course we now have Scala too, which is wrapper for both the Java client and embedded member. In the works being done by the community is NodeJS and Ruby too.  The new protocol performance improvements give a boost to all clients.

Hazelcast is now faster than our Competitors

This post just highlights client performance, but embedded member performance has also shot up and more than doubled from Hazelcast 3.0 to Hazelcast 3.6. It shouldn’t come as a surprise therefore that with us getting so much faster we are now faster than our competitors. You can see competitors benchmarks of 3.6 against current versions of Pivotal Gemfire/Apache Geode, JBoss Data Grid/Infinispan and GridGain/Apache Ignite. For Oracle Coherence we cannot publish benchmark information – instead you can download the benchmark and run it yourself.

What’s Next

We just went through the plan for 3.7 with our Performance team. Expect faster transactions, much faster query aggregates and around a 10% speed boost across the whole system.

Interested in more?

Register for our, “What’s new in Hazelcast 3.6?” webinar to see all the new features and improvements of our latest release. Register now »

About the Author

About the Author

Greg Luck

Greg Luck

Chief Technical Officer

Greg Luck, CTO of Hazelcast Inc, is a leading technology entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in high-performance in-memory computing. He is the founder and inventor of Ehcache, a widely used open source Java distributed cache, that was acquired by Software AG (Terracotta) in 2009 where he served as CTO. Prior to that, Greg was the Chief Architect at Australian startup that went public on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:WTF) in 2006. Greg is a current member of the JCP (Java Community Process) Executive Committee and since 2007, has been the Specification Lead for JSR 107 (Java Specification Requests) JCACHE. Greg has a Master's degree in Information Technology from QUT and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland.

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